Mission ONE Announces Presidential Succession

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Paul Clayton to succeed Bob Schindler as President

After recently celebrating its 25th anniversary, Mission ONE today announced that Bob Schindler has stepped aside as President and Paul Clayton will now serve the organization as its President.

To facilitate a continued focus on the organization’s strategic priorities, and launch new initiatives to strengthen its future, the Mission ONE Board of Directors unanimously confirmed Paul Clayton as the new President of Mission ONE.

On behalf of the Mission ONE board, Chairman Eric Tooker said, “We are very excited to have Paul Clayton as the leader of the future for Mission ONE. Paul has the unanimous support of the Board of Directors in his new role and we are confident that he will be an outstanding leader for our partners, donors and employees. As we welcome Paul as our new President, we wish to express our undying gratitude to Bob Schindler for his years of faithful service in helping Mission ONE serve our partners well and expand God’s Kingdom around the world.”

Bob Schindler will remain actively engaged in ministry at Mission ONE in his role as Founder/Global Ambassador. Bob said, “It has been my joy and honor to lead Mission ONE for the last 25 years. It is also my joy and honor to ‘pass the baton’ to Paul Clayton as the new Mission ONE President. Paul has now worked with us since 2014. He brought new knowledge and skills, 20 years of business experience, and a seminary degree with a missional business emphasis to our Mission ONE team. God has used Paul to expand our understanding of missional business — that it is not just about financial sustainability, but also about greater mission impact.”

About Mission ONE

Over the last 25 years, Mission ONE has developed long-term, authentic partnerships with indigenous Christian organizations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. To facilitate this kind of partnership, Mission ONE has created world-class training resources and a proven missional business model to help transform numerous communities in these hard to reach places by meeting their spiritual and physical needs.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Falon Coleman at 480.951.0900 or email at Info@mission1.org.

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